AggreCoat antimicrobial surface sealer

AggreCoat can be used to surface seal and protect virtually all indoor and outdoor surfaces, for many years, as well as prevent bacterial growth and contamination. AggreCoat surface sealer when properly prepared, sealed surfaces preclude the environments in which molds, algae and fungi can grow.

AggreCoat antimicrobial surface sealer

Biomaster silver ion technology is a natural antimicrobial that has been used for centuries to prevent the growth of bacteria in a wide range of applications. This technology has now been incorporated into AggreCoat, our unique water-based acrylic polymer formula to create a surface-sealing product that kills bacteria in three ways:

  1. Silver ions within the acrylic polymer bind to and damage the bacteria’s cell wall, preventing growth, by stopping the bacteria’s ability to produce energy and thus disrupting the DNA replication process. If a bacteria cell cannot grow, produce energy or replicate, it dies.
  2. Silver ions are inorganic and extremely durable; they cannot leach out or be washed off. Independent testing of silver ion technology has proven its effectiveness in reducing the growth of harmful bacteria, such as Campylobacter, E. coli Legionella, Listeria, Staphylococcus, MRSA, Pseudomonas, Salmonellas and many other species by up to 99.99%.
  3. Silver ions are extremely effective at inhibiting fungal and mold growth, making this technology increasingly popular amongst a variety of producers and manufacturers.

AggreCoat provides a durable, sealed, cleanable and fully protected surface for most structural surfaces, including: industrial, commercial, housing, health, educational, manufacturing, transport, distribution, hospitality industries, farming applications, and so much more.

Surface sealer AggreCoat antimicrobial

AggreCoat is harmless to humans, animals, plants and food products, while providing:

  • Protection of staff and clients from bacterial infection
  • Protection against loss of revenue as a result of bacterial infections
  • Competitive advantage against non-participating companies
  • Protection of stock against bacterial cross-contamination
  • Protection of livestock and products in farming applications
  • Protected surfaces that can be easily monitored to remain effective

AggreCoat Brochure

AggreCoat is environmentally and eco-friendly, cost effective, non-leaching, easy to apply, and available in neutral as well as a range of colors to suit all of your needs.